Downtown Project - Street Paving, Sidewalk, & Sewer Improvements

Downtown ProjectDowntown Project Goals

  • Make drainage improvements
  • Repair the sanitary sewer system
  • Repave the roadways
  • Upgrade pedestrian curb ramps to current standards

About the Downtown Project

The Downtown Project will focus on upgrading the infrastructure - below and above ground - and improve the overall flow and safety of car, bike, and pedestrian travel in the downtown area.

Public Engagement: The development of the project will include a significant public outreach and engagement process to help determine the scope of the project. This includes the participation of a Design Advisory Committee. Community members will have opportunities to participate in a public engagement process, through stakeholder meetings, public workshops, and City Council Meetings. Throughout the engagement process, design engineers will develop conceptual plans that consider stakeholder feedback.

Downtown Project Timeline

Phase I: Completed in 2020 and included pavement repair, upgraded ADA curb ramps, rehabilitated sewer and storm drain system along West Blithedale, Gardner, Corte Madera, Sunnyside and Throckmorton.

Phase II: This phase will focus primarily on the Downtown curb ramp improvements located outside of the Lytton Square and The Depot Plaza areas. These curb ramps will be upgraded to meet current ADA standards which may require eliminating a few of the existing parking stalls.

Phase II Project Limit

Downtown Project Map

Phase II of the project will consist of the design and construction of approximately 17 curb ramps locating on E Blithedale Avenue, Throckmorton Avenue, Corte Madera Avenue, and Sunnyside Avenue to be installed during Summer 2021. The remaining curb ramps located at the intersections of Throckmorton Avenue/Bernard Street and Miller Avenue/Sunnyside Avenue will be designed in 2021 and constructed in Summer 2022. Additional paving and pipeline improvements will be included with the Remaining Phases of work.

How to Get Involved

The Downtown Project will include significant public outreach and engagement to determine the scope of the project, to meet the community's needs. This will include stakeholder meetings, public workshops, and a citizen-led Design Advisory Committee.

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Ahmed A. Aly, Project Manager