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About the East Blithedale Avenue Rehabilitation Project

This project will rehabilitate aging infrastructure and improve multimodal access to local residential, school, and business areas along East Blithedale Avenue. The project's goals are to:

  • Improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility and safety
  • Repair damaged curb, gutter, and sidewalks
  • Repave roadways
  • Replace non-ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Upgrade existing traffic signals to meet current standards

The project limits are on East Blithedale Avenue between Sunnyside Avenue and the Highway 101 Interchange.

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The total project cost has been estimated at approximately $10 million. The City has secured $3.3 million in funds from Marin County's Measure A Major Roads Program, Safe Pathway grant, and City local funds to rehabilitate East Blithedale Avenue from Sunnyside Avenue to U.S. 101 and has allocated an additional $3.2 million from the Five-year Pavement Maintenance Plan for the project.

The first phase of the project from Camino Alto to US 101 is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by April 2022.

This phase of the project includes: Ashford Avenue pavement repair from Meadow Drive to Lomita Drive.  Some of the key features include:

  • Pavement rehabilitation (dig outs, grind and overlay, installing reinforcement pavement fabric) from Camino Alto to Caltrans US 101 Right of Way
  • New Class IV bike lanes westbound from Roque Moraes to Kipling and eastbound from Tower to Ashford
  • Traffic signal upgrades  at the Camino Alto and Lomita/Roque Moraes intersections
  • ADA curb Ramp upgrades
  • Improved access to the Multi-Use Trail entrance on the south side of Blithedale.
  • Closure of the free right turn lane for motorists from Blithedale Avenue onto Ashford Avenue and reconfiguration of the traffic circulation around the median island.
  • A new pedestrian crosswalk across Ashford Avenue just west of Meadow Drive, including a wider bulb out with a fence to channelize pedestrians and safety lighting.

Construction of Phases II and III of the project from Camino Alto to Sunnyside Ave expected to start April 2022 and be completed by October 2022. This segment of the project will include pavement repairs, new ADA ramps, new rapid flashing beacons at crosswalks, storm drain system improvements, sewer main repair, and curb and gutter repair. Some key features include:

Pavement rehabilitation (dig out repairs, grind and overlay, regrading portions of the roadway crown, and in some sections full depth roadway reconstruction)

  • Widening sidewalks at three utility poles' locations
  • Installing approximately 43 new ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Widening the sidewalk in front of Boyle Park
  • Installing Class III bike lane sharrows from Sunnyside Avenue to Sycamore Avenue
  • New bike route signing and striping improvements at the Millwood Avenue and Sycamore Avenue intersections
  • Extending curbs ramps (bulb-outs) at: Sunnyside Avenue, Mountains View Avenue, Dell Street, Thalia Street, East Drive, and Mesa Avenue.
  • Installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) at six uncontrolled crosswalks
  • Sewer main hot spot repairs and replacement of the lower laterals along East Blithedale are included in the project.
  • PG&E is evaluating the condition of their gas line and developing plans to protect the gas line during construction or to adjust their lines accordingly.
  • PG&E plans to relocate one joint utility pole to accommodate ADA compliance.
  • Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) has completed design to upgrade the existing water main and services between Camino Alto to Millwood Avenue and expected to be in construction between March and August 2022. 

The project will also, incorporate planned pavement rehabilitation to Sycamore Avenue between Blithedale and La Goma Street and Sunnyside Avenue from Blithedale to Miller Avenue. 

Construction logistics: Construction is expected to start as early as April of 2022. Depending on underground utility work, contractor pricing, availability of materials, weather, etc., the construction of the project may be split into multiple contracts through 2022 and 2023.

Staff anticipates noise and debris, delays to vehicles, detours, and impacts from nighttime work.  Staff has looked to previous projects for guidance on minimizing impacts.  Some planned mitigation measures include:

  • Pavement rehabilitation activities are to be performed Sunday through Thursday nights between 8 PM and 6 AM.  
  • Lane closures during the school year to have limited hours. 
  • Nighttime construction equipment to be restricted to low noise equipment. 
  • Phase construction into segments.

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Project Contact:

Ahmed A. Aly, Project Manager