Home Match

Housing Mill Valley through the Home-Sharing Program

Home Match, a Front Porch Communities and Services program, is a proud partner of the City's "House Mill Valley" initiative to create affordable housing opportunities for its local community and workforce. Home Match is a home-sharing program that connects people with extra rooms in their homes with community members seeking affordable housing options.

Looking for Housing?

View a sample of our available rooms in Marin County on the Available Rooms Catalog (LINK) or contact us (above) for more information.

To learn more: Contact our local staff at 415-747-1925 or HomeMatchMarin@frontporch.net; or visit the Home Match website.

Looking to Share your Home?

Our staff can assist you through the process--from making space in your home to establishing agreements, expectations and finding the right fit.

How the Home Match Program Works

Covia's personalized process and local staff can help you find the right match as a home provider or as a local community member looking for affordable housing options. 

  • Free Screenings: Our thorough screening process —including interviews, background checks, and an extensive application—saves you time and ease of mind.
  • Compatibility: Home Match connects matches based on lifestyle and interests to help ensure compatibility, giving you and your match the best chance for success. 
  • Ongoing Support: Our knowledgeable local staff help you design a comprehensive Living Together Agreement. You will also have access to our counseling and mediation services, even after move-in day.
  • No Cost: As a nonprofit service, Home Match is free to participate.


 What truly makes home-sharing worthwhile is hearing our stories: 

  • Reasons to Love Home Match: View our participant survey results including the top four reasons participants love our program.
  • Magic in the Match: Watch our videos featuring our matches  

Accessory-Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Are you exploring ADU options, ready to build, or looking for a tenant? Visit ADU Marin for extensive information on every step of the process – then contact Home Match to help find a great tenant! 

For More Information

Contact Home Match staff for more information at 415-456-9068 or HomeMatchMarin@frontporch.net; or visit the Home Match Website.