Rent a Park

Old Mill and Boyle Parks are the only group picnic parks available for rent in Mill Valley.
Boyle Picnic Area

Boyle Park

  • Located at E. Blithedale and East Drive in Mill Valley.
  • Boyle Park is wheelchair accessible.
  • Boyle Park includes tennis courts (the Pro Shop can be reached at 388-6523), baseball fields, picnic/barbecue facilities, restrooms, children's play equipment and a lawn area.

Group Picnic Area

The Boyle Park Group Picnic Area has nine picnic tables and 4 small barbecues. Electrical outlets are available for inflatable jumpy houses.

Photo of part of the Old Mill at Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park

  • Old Mill Park is located at Throckmorton and Cascade in Mill Valley.
  • Set amid a redwood grove, the facility includes the historic Reed Mill, children's play equipment, picnic and barbecue facilities, an amphitheater and restrooms.
  • Only one rental reservation per area is made per day.
  • Old Mill Park is wheelchair accessible.
  1. Redwood Grove
  2. Group Picnic Area
  3. Amphitheater

Old Mill Redwood GroveRedwood Grove

The Redwood Grove area has 3 picnic tables and 2 small barbecues. The Grove is the area closest to the playground and restrooms.

Take a 3-D Tour of the Old Mill Park Redwood Grove.

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