The City of Mill Valley conducts the public's business in a manner that is accessible and transparent to all community members. The Mill Valley City Council has identified a balanced, inclusive, and open approach to policy-making and city leadership as one of its Core Values.

We believe that community members should have easy access to public information, including meeting agendas and minutes, financial and budget information, and documents and reports.

We hope you find this page and the entire City website a useful tool to access information that is of interest to you. 

General Information

Description of Services:

The City of Mill Valley is a full-service city with a City Council/City Manager form of government. The City of Mill Valley provides a full range of municipal services to residents and businesses in accordance with the MV2040 General Plan and City Council policy and direction. City Departments include the Office of the City Manager, Planning and Building, Recreation, Library, Police, Fire, Public Works, Finance and Human Resources.


Appointed Officials

Please view any of the following links for the contact information, names, and terms of the appointed officials on City Boards, Commissions, and Committees. Appointed officials are not compensated.

City Administration


Contracts, Requests for Proposals & Bidding Opportunities

Legislative Resources

  • The City of Mill Valley is a member of the League of California Cities. The League hosts City Caucus meetings, which include League lobbyists and contract lobbyists representing cities. During the legislative session, the City Caucus meets regularly to discuss bills affecting cities. Participating lobbyists share information to ensure that the best results for all cities are achieved legislatively.
  • At this time, the City of Mill Valley does not employ a lobbyist on its staff or as a consultant. However, through our participation in the Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers' Legislative Committee, the City of Mill Valley spends $3,000 per year to support the activities of League lobbyists to serve as educational resources for City leaders and to represent the interests of Marin cities in State legislature. Learn more on the League of California Cities website.

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