Permit Application Process

Contractors & Other Professionals ONLY

**Please confirm the address is located in the City of Mill Valley and NOT in an Unincorporated area of Mill Valley,  Check Address Here **

How to pay your business license:

 All businesses operating within the City of Mill Valley are required to obtain a Mill Valley Business License. New accounts and renewals must file online at If you are filing online for the first time, complete the Sign-Up as a Business Account. Once your license is paid for the current fiscal year, you can apply for your permit through our online permitting system.Prefer Paper? CLICK HERE (PDF)

Apply for a building permit:

New Professional Account:
Contractors email your CSLB number and primary business email address to
Other professionals such as Realtors, Architects and Engineers, email your business name, phone number, and company address to

Apply Online Here (eTRAKit)

Plan Submittal: 

Once your online application is complete, you will upload the required submittal documents through your account on eTRAKiT HERE. See Permit Submittal Instructions HERE. View a tutorial on how to upload files to eTRAKiT HERE

Owner Builders

Property Owners cannot apply online. Follow the instructions below to apply for a Building Permit:

  1. There is a $185 additional processing fee for Owner-Builder applications. View all other fees here: Permit Fee Schedule (PDF).
  2. Submit ALL 3 below documents to
  1. Prepare your submittal package – Most projects will require plans of some kind. You may receive specific directions for your submittal. 
     Omissions or errors in compliance will cause delays.
  2. Plan Submittal – Most plans will be submitted via eTRAKiT online upload. You will be sent an email with instructions once your application has been reviewed, usually within one week.
  3. Plan review – See the below table for review times.
  4. Approval/Issuance – You may receive detailed instructions prior to issuance.
Type / Classification of Permit

Review Times

Minor Permits

7-10 Business Days

Non-Structural Residential Remodels

3 Week Minimum

Renewable Energy

2 Weeks Minimum


2 Weeks Minimum

Plan Check Residential & Commercial

6 Week Minimum

Revisions to Existing Permits

3 Week Minimum

Minor Permits

Automatically Issued Permits:

Some minor permits are issued automatically to licensed contractors upon application. Permit cards will be mailed after an administrative review, generally within a week. 

  • Furnace w/no outside equipment
  • Water Heater
  • Sewer lateral
  • Electrical (electrical panel replacements, max 200 AMP, main electrical service, or subpanels)
  • Re-Roof
  • Window & Door Replacements

Permits Requiring Minor Review:

Some permits will require a minor review, in addition to the administrative review. You will need to submit plans.

  • Mechanical - A/C, Heat Pump installations require a site plan, manufacturer’s specifications for the equipment to be installed and calculations for noise at property lines.
  • Plumbing - Gas line installations/alterations require a gas line schematic and gas line calculations



Furnace Replacement Handout (PDF)
Requirements for Residential Water Heater (PDF)
Reroofing Requirements (PDF)

Apply Online Here